Vision – applied materials and craftsmanship

The Dutch Company “Studio Floris Wubben” tries to get the most out of the applied materials and craftsmanship within every design. They find it interesting that the result in designs will not directly be related to functional objects, but rather being viewed as sculptural objects.

In our work of designing we thus try to put a certain material into new perspectives. While transforming and combining materials, new purposes will arise naturally. By using uncommon materials, applications or combinations for a certain design, we focus on diminishing prejudices and on giving these materials a new face. An example of this is the use of decorative materials for constructive purposes.

The designs of “Studio Floris Wubben” enable furniture and nature to co-operate together into ultimate harmony. One uses the other, since they need each other to create the whole and final design. As a consequence, living qualities of nature will have a constant influence on our projects. We try to use human action as less as possible and to apply nature the way it is given. After creating a certain design, one can see that a part of nature is transformed into a sculpture, an utensil, without losing respect for nature.

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Talente 2014
1st price

European Ceramic Context 2014,

Ecodesign award 2007

1st price


Bachelor furniture design, Thomas More, Belgium
Bachelor interior design, Thomas More, Belgium
Product design, Hochschule Magdeburg, exchange study, Germany 6 months
MBO 2d and 3d design, Sint Lucas, Boxtel, Netherlands

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