Potato Family

The Potato Family design is inspired by the chestnut and potato figures we all made during our childhood.  The construction of these figures is one of the first moments in which a child experiences a material creative process. This playful way of creating something has inspired Floris Wubben for this series of shelving units. One can see it expressed in many details of the design as, for instance, the position of the legs and the dynamic shape of each cavity.

The shelving units are made out of wood as it is a material that offers many creative possibilities, just like chestnuts and potatoes does for children. Regarding the materials, Dutch Fir tree wood was used for the shapes and the legs were made of polished stainless steel.

These shelving units were made in collaboration with artist Bauke Fokkema.

Measures  (WxLxH):

Father potato (1th) :           700mm x 700mm x 1700mm
Mother potato :                    900mm  x 1800mm x 1400mm
Twin potato:                         700mm x 2400mm x 1100mm
Little potato:                         600mm x 1100mm x 1000mm


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