Pressed Tables

Studio Floris Wubben has been working with ceramics for four years and is ready to take a new step: Extruded ceramic furniture. We have created a new collection in collaboration with the European Ceramic Work Centre (NL) and The Future Perfect (USA).
This whole collection started with the Totem Planter, a totem-like ceramic object that stands over 130 cm (51.18 inch) tall and presents the possibility of setting a plant within its upper section. It is created by stacking and merging various extruded shapes.

All these objects are produced with our self-built extrusion machines. Our distinct process means that we can extrude a diversity of forms and assemble them into larger ensembles. This innovative method of creating objects offers us infinite possibilities when working with ceramic materials.

Together with the Totem Planter we have created four differently modelled tables. The largest table is 110 cm (43.30 inch) in diameter. These objects are produced from specially formulated stoneware and are available in variously colored glazes.

A selection of these pieces is being showcased in an exhibition by The Future Perfect at Design Miami 2018.



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