Tangible Light

Light is untouchable; it has no mass. The Tangible Light design uses a round CFL in a constructive way and, consequently, the observer views that light can have a support purpose as well. In addition, through this design one perceive light as a nearly tangible element.

With the use of a wooden lath, the round CFL is woven together with the Polypropene. As a result, a constructive framework arises.

The lampshade is made of Polypropene elements, which are stitched together by wire. The number of Polypropene elements defines the lamp’s form and appearance.

Tangible Light will be presented in the collection of furniture brand ‘Lande’, located in Schijndel, the Netherlands. 


To get more information about the Tangible Light or to place an order please contact the company Lande, phone number: 003173 658 0020. See their website by this link.


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